Drought takes a punch, but it's not down; area extremely dry

The “blizzard of 1957” almost got a 49th birthday reminder with the arrival on Monday of snowfall totaling about six inches.

The 1957 blizzard, the yardstick by which all snows have since been measured, started on March 21, and continued for the next 56 hours with winds of 70 miles-per-hour whipping up drifts as high as 30 feet.

The 2006 snow storm fell and stacked before north winds of 20 mph started drifts that clogged east west roads throughout the Panhandle.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Office in Guymon reports that several vehicles were off the road and stranded in ditches in all three counties of the Panhandle.


There were also traffic accidents, one each in Beaver and Cimarron Counties and two in Texas County .

The 2006 storm ended Monday night, with snowfall ending before sunset as the storm moved south into the Texas Panhandle.

Unlike the 1957 storm which took lives and destroyed by some estimates, 25 percent of the cattle in the area, there was no reported loss of life or property with the swift moving 2006 storm.

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