We have just received a fax and e-mail informing us that Governor Henry has in his capacity as the Chief Executive of Oklahoma, made the decision to lift the burn ban.

The governor, whom I have challenged to visit Cimarron County , writes in his missive... “In light of recent rainfall...the burn ban is lifted in all 77 counties.” Now I really doubt that over the weekend it rained (or snowed), in all 77 counties, and even if it had, would the governor know that in the Panhandle one day of sunlight and another with winds of 30 miles-per-hour, the moisture we received will be obliterated, and that pastures and CRP land would once again be tinderbox? The governor would do well to leave such decisions to our locally elected officials and fire chiefs. You know, someone who actually lives here, rather than an elected official from Oklahoma City who only shows up to murder pheasants and attend highway dedications. The burn ban should be administered by the County Commissioners . They are proposing reinstating the burn ban, and Governor Henry should listen.


President Bush meanwhile is hanging on by his fingernails, teeth and any other way he can to his claim that we had to invade Iraq three years ago. Bush also reiterates that Iraq is better off, and that it hasn't descended into a sectarian civil war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. I truly believe that he, Rumsfeld and Cheney have got to be the only people in Washington D.C. and in the minority, of the U.S. population, to really believe this line of bull. I have no clue what these three were thinking as they made plans four years ago to invade Iraq . But they seemed determined to try and lay the blame for 9-11 on Saddam's doorstep. They couldn't make it stick. Then after Saddam was toppled and efforts began to establish a new government, they seemed surprised that the Sunni's and Shiites couldn't agree if the sun rose in the east. Throw in Al-Quida and what we have is more than 1,300 Iraqis killed in the last two months, and we are no closer to being out of Iraq and having a real government formed. Bush now admits that we still may be militarily involved through 2008, and he seems bewilded by the fact we as a nation can't trust Muslims to watch our ports. Who'da thought?

In wondering who comes up with all these bright ideas I'm reminded of the Mel Brooks character in the comedy “Blazing Saddles”. In the movie, Brooks, (as the governor), stamped and approved anything Harvey Corman's character placed in front of him.

Is this how government really works? Are we really ruled by executives blindly rubber-stamping any idea they hear or read?

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