Residents with out of state plates, short change Oklahoma , Cimarron County

Cimarron County , like the other 76 counties in Oklahoma is home to “foreign” license plates. Plates issued to residents when they lived elsewhere, or perhaps on the vehicle when purchased out-of-state. The practice of driving with such plates affects every Oklahoman through the tax base lost. A printout on each tax receipt given when Oklahoma tags are purchased, indicates that of the motor vehicle taxes paid with the purchase or renewal of tags, the percentage breakdown is as follows: 36.20% to various school districts, 44.84% to the General Revenue Fund, .31% to the State Transportation Fund, 7.24% to various counties for construction and maintenance of county highways, 2.59% to the County Road Fund for matching Federal Funds, 3.62% to the Emergency County road Improvement Fund, .83% to the various counties General Funds to support county government, 3.10% to various cities and towns for construction, maintenance and lighting of streets and alleys, 1.24% to the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement Fund, and .03% to the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

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