Did you know the Russians invented microwave ovens about 40 years ago? They also did research on food that had been micro waved and immediately banned microwave ovens from Russia in 1976. In the early 1990s, a Swiss nutritionist, Dr. Hans Hertel, studied micro waved food and came up with some startling results. Because of a “gag” order those results weren't released until recently.

Dr. Hertel found deformed food molecules which wiped out vital nutrition and creating potentially harmful compounds; increase in participant's cholesterol levels; leukocytes (white blood cells) which suggests poisoning; decreased number of red blood cells; radiolysis compounds which are unknown in nature; and decreased hemoglobin levels causing anemic tendencies.

I did it! My microwave is in the basement with other stuff I don‘t use. Withdrawal may take a while. I have to plan my meals ahead and defrost more than 15 minutes before starting meal preparation. But you know, I think my family's health is more important than my inconvenience. Let's get back to basics. This information came from Dr. Mercola at www.mercola.com.

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