From the Cimarron County Dispatcher's Logbook



Responded to a call for an ambulance

Received a report of horses out west of Boise City


Responded to a controlled burn at Keyes.

Responded to a call about cattle out on the Felt to Kenton highway; called owner.

Responded to a call of a fire at the Colorado state line. Colorado advised it was a controlled burn.


Gas drive off, gave information to area officers.

OHP arrested two subjects in regard to the call above.

Responded to an alarm at a local business; it was OK.

Two controlled burns at Keyes.

Fire reported on the Kenton highway, paged out the fire department.

Controlled burn in the Keyes area.

Disturbance at the VFW.


Responded to a report of a noisy motorcycle, called officer.

OHP arrested one individual.

Report of cattle out on a county roadway, owner notified.

Report of a controlled burn east of Boise City .

Received a call from Clayton , N.M. about a fire on the state line; dispatched Felt and Wheeles Fire Departments.

Received a report of a fire south of Keyes, south of Highway 64, on Highway 171. Dispatched Keyes, Griggs and Boise City Fire Departments; contacted Stratford Fire Department for assistance.

Report of cattle out, unable to contact owner.

Report of a fire in Keyes, it was someone burning weeds.


Report of a truck doing damage to fertilizer trailers at a local elevator.

Keyes returned to a fire from March 18 for hot spots.