by Norma Gene Young

It's almost here! The anniversary of the deepest, wildest, longest-lasting snow storm to ever hit Cimarron County- March 22-24, 1957.

The picture above shows Carl Etling hard at work on March 25, trying to uncover his pickup, located in front of his son's (Doc Etling) home in East Boise City.

The picture is being reprinted just in case there are people who assume the worst of winter is over.

But, hang on friends; weird things happen occasionally.

The storm began on Friday evening of the 22nd; continued steadily on Saturday and Sunday. By Monday morning on the 25th, the sun was shining and people were beginning to try to dig out.

There was no electricity, but telephone and gas lines were operational in most locations.

Two busloads of travelers who had been stranded for several hours southeast of Boise City were finally rescued on Monday morning and fed in the old Legion Hall in the courthouse basement.

The home of Barbara McDonnold, an elderly woman living on West main Street had been completely covered with snow.

She said later that for a while she had spent her time screaming for help, but eventually realized nobody could hear her.

Many cattle froze, and many others strayed from the wind.

Numerous attics of homes were filled with snow.

It was several days before streets and roads were cleared enough for traffic to begin moving again.

So happy springtime, friends.