Medical providers for the Community
by Nancy Roberts

Cimarron County now has additional medical coverage, thanks to the services being provided by Doctor Roger Bombach and Physician's Assistant Sean Green.

Dr. Bombach, who already has a private practice here on North Ellis, has agreed to assist in covering the emergency room at Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

Sean Green is providing coverage in the emergency room two weekends a month. He is a physician's assistant from Clayton, NM.

The addition of these two professionals to the rotation schedule of emergency room coverage means that Dr. J.L. Wheeler might just get a little free time to pursue personal interests. His services to the community continue to be a steady and continuing support to those needing medical care in the Cimarron County area.

Also coming soon with be a nurse practitioner, Lynda Bieber, who will be in the clinic. She is certified in gerontology and will soon be certified in family practice as well. She and her husband Leroy are coming to Boise City from Montana. Her husband is an emergency medical technician and is a certified radiology tech.

Dr. Prameela Yoganandan is presently on maternity leave, enjoying her newborn son. She will return to work on March 22.

The people living at 100 South Ellis Street

March has started off with many activities planned for the month. Through careful planning by Sandy Witten, activities director, and Frankie Armstrong, social services director, there should be something for everyone at the Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home.

Scheduled for March 20 at 5:30 PM is the monthly family dinner. This is an opportunity for families to share favorite dishes. Each family is requested to bring a copy of the recipe for the dish they bring so that these might be collected for a cookbook.

A new activity will be featuring a resident each month at the facility. Families are being asked to sort through their family member's old photos from youth to the present. These photos (which will be returned) along with some interesting stories or facts about the resident can be shared with Frankie Armstrong, who will compile a biography on the resident for the facility bulletin board, the monthly newsletter, and the Boise City News.

The residents have been re-potting plants in the sunroom and anticipating the outdoor garden opportunities this spring. The community can participate in the gardening activities by sharing large pots with the activity or social services staff.

Those groups who shared their time and talents with the nursing home residents during February are: the staff of the Boise City Family Pharmacy, Black Mesa Club members, Felt and Boise City Kindergarten students, Girl Scouts, Daisy Scouts, GAs and the Blue Grass Boys.

Churches sharing services and devotions were the Cimarron Circuit Methodist, First Christian Church, First Baptist Church, Keyes Baptist Church and the Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Individuals who shared time are: Lloyd Jacobs, Lawrence Snead, Barbara Tapp, Anita Miller, Ted Smith, Frank Francis, Tommie Ogston, Nancy David, Rhonda Worm, Paul Moses and Mary Ruth Capansky.

We would like to welcome Bavette Menefee and Morgan Turlington on the staff as certified nursing assistants.