City considers utility rate hike

Boise City's City Council examined a variety of rate hike scenarios before tabling the issue for a later vote on Monday night.

Councilman Ron Carey, while looking at the numbers asked about raising just the sewer and waste rates and leaving the water rate at its present level.

“Let's get sewer and waste where they are paying for themselves,” Carey said.

City Manager Rod Avery pointed out that the last rate adjustment had been made in 1994.

Avery continued by saying the city had been replacing degraded sewer and water lines; that the lines under North Cimarron would need to be lined, and that it had cost the city $6 thousand to haul off the old Motel on North Cimarron. he added that much new equipment had been added plus work mandated by the state on the sewer lagoons.

“We've used up our surplus,” he added.

“We've had good service, and we want to continue to be able to have that. What if we had to drill yet another new well? That could cost us $50 or $60 thousand,” added Mayor Craig Sanders. “I think when we look around at other cities we'll find that even with a rate hike our water is dirt cheap,” Sanders continued.

In other business:

H Revisions were made in the city code on the sale and discharge of fireworks within the city limits. Under the revised code the products could only be sold and discharged from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., June 25 to July 4; with the exception of July 4 on which day the time will be extended to midnight.

H Revisions were made to the code regulating the impounding, redemption and disposition of animals-at-large.

Under the revised code, the first time a pet is reclaimed, (while furnishing a current registration certificate), an impound fee of $25 and a boarding fee of $5 per day must be paid; however, for each subsequent impoundment the fee's will be: Second offense, $50 impound fee, $10 per day boarding fee. Third offense, $100 impound fee, $20 per day boarding fee.

If a pet has not been claimed within 72 hours, (with current registration certificate), the pet maybe adopted by any person upon the payment of $1.50 per day boarding fee and that within two days a registration certificate will be obtained and any unspayed female dog or cat will be spayed before registration is obtained.

Any animal not reclaimed or adopted within 72 hours is liable to humane disposition.

H The city accepted a bid from Winters Contracting, of Weatherford for the construction of a Solid Waste Transfer Station.