I just love Valentines Day. It's a day that we can all get loads and loads of lovely CANDY. We get stuff from gum drops to mega crunch. I love candy, any kind really. The only kind I hate is the horrible peanut brittle, uck; or my Granny's favorite, licorice. Nasty junk, it makes me sick.

But back to the main idea I had. Valentines Day is a day of love, whether it's a day for you and your sweetie or for your friend and you. It's a day of brotherly love or...love love which is so gross; how do you married people take it? Valentines Day is a day for my friends and me to give each other Candy, which I never do, (my excuse now is I've been so busy with my newspaper article I just didn't have the time).

When it comes to Valentines men are like snails. Did you know that the slowest animal in the world is a snail, which moves about .03 miles per hour. Like the man the snail is very slow. Men, this valentines do some thing special. Consider yourself warned; according to the History Channel.com there are 28,527 jewelry stores in the United States . If jewelry is not your thing there are 3,523 candy stores or 22,022 florists. So now you have no excuse for not getting your sweetie a nice Valentine's gift. You can find something and you have plenty of time because even a snail could get it done in a week. Even if you don't get a gift you still have time to get a card. I am making cards and cookies for my school's skating party and my Sunday school class. I hope this warning will help all the men in our community (like my dad) remember this special day instead of getting angry at this little romantic.