The Greatest Man I Know.


The greatest man I know just happens to be related to me. My grandfather has been a stable part of my life since I can remember. I can truly say I was spoiled rotten by him and very proud of it. The most wonderful times in my life so far have involved him in some way. I can remember our Saturday morning dates to Marv and Dee 's grocery store. He would let me pick out anything I wanted, even though mom might not like it. He always had time for me. I never felt like I was a bother. When Missy and I would spend the night he always fixed the coolest breakfast. Of course wasn't the most healthy but to a sugar addicted kid it was manna from heaven. We moved away when I was eight and the hardest part was leaving him. Grandpa once again reached out to me to let me know I was special to him. I started receiving letters from him. It seemed like once a week but who can say all these years later. But that connection became a staple in my life. Even when the world seemed lost and parents just didn't understand, grandpa was always there. Listening to him talk about all the things he's done was just fascinating. He always said he wanted to make a difference in this world. To me he has made a tremendous impact. I can only hope everyone has a relationship with their grandparent's like I do. The greatest man I know is my Grandfather, Daniel Hagan. Please join me in wishing him a very happy 100th birthday. I love you grandpa. Nikki