CMH board offers Mathews a contract, he accepts with details to be settled

by C.F. David

As the last bit of business after being in Executive Session, The Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board voted to accept a contract with Dr. Gary Mathews, with the final details yet to be worked out.

Asked by The Boise City News about stipulations presented by Mathews affecting his accepting a contract, Board Chairman Ralph Warren said the stipulations no longer existed.

“Those stipulations disappeared,” said board member Don Stark.

“We hope everything goes smoothly,” Warren added.

The board met on Thursday Feb. 1, and immediately dismissed and reconvened in CFO Kevin Conner's office to talk by phone to Dave Peyok who is serving as an advisor and consultant.

The board told Peyok that Physican Assistant Mark Peeples had accepted employment with Cimarron Memorial and was in town but had not yet begun to work. They asked Peyok for an opinion on Peeples request to use part of his moving expense money as a housing allowance.

“It's his money isn't it?” asked Stark.

Peyok concurred.

Donna Cain asked Peyok how to solve a problem with personnel since another employee was needed for admittance of patients.

“We are all working as skeleton crews. We need another person in the office, but we can't meet payroll this Friday so what do we do?” Cain asked.

“Can we use a volunteer Monday through Friday?” Stark asked.

Peyok asked how a patient was admitted after hours, and it was explained that the nurse(s) on duty took care of it.

Peyok recommended talking to the Director of Nursing about having a nurse help with admittance when needed.

“So you want us to work in house as best we can?” Cain asked.

Peyok answered in the affirmative.

The board then moved to the problem of the CAT Scan unit that had been leased. The unit placed near the hospital has had problems since its arrival including but not confined to a leaky roof which damaged electronic equipment.

Radiologist Marlene Clifton explained that the hospital was in breach of contract.

Warren countered that in his opinion the company furnishing the equipment was also in breech due to the hospital not getting the proper equipment.

“This is a one slice CAT Scan, we needed an eight slice. It's a piece of junk. We paid for what we got,” Clifton admitted.

Warren and Stark asked about just letting the company pick the unit up.

Clifton explained that the contract called for a payment of $225 for each image taken, and that about 25 images had been shot.

“I think we need to pay them and have them come and get it,” Stark said.

“How are you going to pay them?” Cain asked.

Stark shrugged.

“I think if that is the contract Patsy made, (Patsy Shields, former CEO), we need to honor it,” said Warren .

Peyok suggested that discussions with the company be along the lines to stall until payment and pickup could be made.