We've made a decision, now we wait...for November
by C.F. David, Editor, The Boise City News

As of the publication of this paper, Oklahoma, and with it, Cimarron County will have made their choices in the presidential primary.


Though I have fundamental differences with several things President Bush has done, (and have publicly aired them), I still feel that with the choices offered, he's the best we've got.

As for Kerry, Dean, Edwards, et.al. what I believe is going to happen is the Democrats will cut each other's throats and basically reelect the president. Much like the Republicans did to themselves just before Clinton's second term.

However, if Bush doesn't dump Cheney this summer (He's virtually unelectable.) and get another vice president, by 2008, the 2004 Democratic also-ran will be back, (or perhaps Gore will have by then remembered that it was he who really invented the airplane, or Dennis the midget-yoga master-meat-hating Kucinich will have figured out how to control the voter's minds.), By that time, the Republicans will then be eating their young and some certified ding-dong will be elected. It's happened several times in the last 200-odd years; Presidents Fillmore, Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Grant and Harding all come quickly to mind. (Yes I realize not all were elected as president.)

Since 1972 we have had three presidents who each in their own way showed much promise but managed to screw it up. Richard Nixon probably knew more about international affairs than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. He opened China after all. However, due much to his paranoia, he will be remembered first, as a man who had to cheat to beat an un-electable but decent opponent, George McGovern in 1972.

Then we had Jimmy Carter, perhaps the most brilliant and decent man ever elected president. But, he was hampered by an inability to make decisions because he was too honest. It's better to be just “a little bent” to be president, so you can deal with the scumbags of the world.

Lastly was Bill Clinton, also very intelligent, but he couldn't grasp that the era of J.F.K. and everyone looking the other way as you committed adultry had passed. An otherwise intelligent man whose two terms, whatever their accomplishments, will forever be overshadowed by sexual addiction.

Before and since, we had Lyndon Johnson who seemed to think you could finance wars both on poverty and Vietnam and go to the moon and back with money left over. Johnson whose party destroyed with extremely vicious pre-election ads, the credibility of Sen. Barry Goldwater who at least showed the courage to say what Johnson wouldn't; “If you fight a war, plan on fighting to win.”

Gerald Ford was an individual in over his head immediately upon taking office. An honest man who will forever be blamed for pardoning a crook, when all he was trying to do was heal a nation.

Ronald Reagan? If you look in a dictionary for the word delegate his picture should be there; and by his use of delegation we wound up with a president who didn't always know what was going on while bottom-feeders like Oliver North were on the scene.

Now we have Bush ‘43, in many ways a mirror image of Lyndon Johnson. He seems to think you can cut taxes, fight a war on two fronts and go to the moon and mars without worrying about a balanced budget. Ain't politics grand?

The word for the week is vote.