This week has been quite busy. We took my grandmother to Amarillo for an eye check-up. It was really cool because I got to go in to see the doctor with her.

This doctor has a new building and all kinds of new machines that I even used.

While we were sitting in the examination room I looked at a magnifying machine that had a bunch of lenses on it. Looking at my hand through it I have really big wrinkles so now I feel self-conscious about being old. My wrinkles are not nearly as scary as my grandmother's.

When the nurse came in she looked at the back of my grandmother's eyeball with one of the machines and it showed up on a big screen so I could see too. When she got too close to the eye the machine would start beeping. It was really cool to see all the veins in the back of the eye. Some of them were tangled up and looked like a ball of yarn.

The doctor came in and used a different machine to look at the front of her eye and took pictures. He saw that the right one was cloudy even though she has already had cataract surgery years ago. He said she needed to come back at noon and he would zap it with the laser, sort of like cataract surgery, to try to clear it up some.

This was a fun way to get more information on the workings of the eyes. I like to learn new stuff in a hands on sort of way. Of course, they wouldn't let me in while they were zapping her with the laser and I can't for the life me understand why. During the surgery my mother and I nearly starved to death. When the surgery was over my granny said she was starving so we went to eat at Furr's. Before we got on the road to come home, Granny said she was already seeing better than she had in a year.

This week has been fun and super busy and apparently surgery was a success! Have fun, be safe, and I will see you next week!