Seeing the faces of Mrs. Henley and Joe Randolph in the newspaper last week made me smile. Not only because they had become a Queen and a King, but because they are both people who have blessed my life.

Mrs. Henley - called “Rosie” and “Grandma” by so many - is one classy lady who I admire very much because of her sweet and peaceful spirit. She is the matriarch of a large and extended family so I know there must have been times and moments of deep pain and toil in her life and I am sure her kids would attest she could be fiery if need be, but the suffering and sorrow mixed with times of joy and gladness have refined and created this tiny woman of great faith and goodness. She reads the Bible and lives what she reads. She greets each day and each person with a smile, and you know when you are in her presence that she truly cares about you. Like I said - one classy lady!

And as for Joe - when I think of this man dear to my heart I see him sitting behind his desk at the railroad depot and I hear his voice singing in the Methodist Church choir on a Sunday morning. I can see his handwriting (beautiful and precise) and remember his smile, humor and warmth when we would meet. From personal experience, I know that life as it is right now can sometimes be a struggle for both him and his family, but the essence of Joe, a kind and good soul, will always shine forth in my heart and mind.


I don't always have to drag out the old photo album to retrieve a snapshot - that click in time captured forever. Sometimes our brain catalogs that image and no matter the years that pass we instantly see and remember that moment saved and preserved in clarity and color. So the other evening when the phone rang and I heard Gary Garrett's voice on the other end of the line I immediately saw his face. The first snapshot of him is from when I was about four and he was making eyes at me during church. The other picture is of him in high school - in my mind, the most handsome guy in town. Now, I realize that Gary's hair is probably not jet black anymore and I know I'm no longer a four-year-old cutie, but it still gladdened my heart when he called to say I had conjured up fond memories of the old Looney Drugstore. Thanks for the call and your kind words, Gary !


I continue watching the rehabilitation of the old brick building on East Main . One of these days I may even stop and check out the progress. Hopefully, the Myer's haven't done in reality what they did in my dream the other night - I stopped to say “hi” and they proudly showed me their work. There were several staircases going to the second floor, but they were so steep you couldn't climb them. There were unshelled peanuts all over the floor (crunch, crunch) and they were handing out popcorn because they had added a movie theater in the back corner of the building. Needless to say, I look forward to seeing what the place really looks like once the hammers and saws and sweat are put aside and our town finds itself blessed with a new business. Keep up the good work!

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