The Boise City News places in state newspaper competition

by C.F. David


The Boise City News placed in two different categories in the Oklahoma Press Association's Better Newspaper Competition.

Cimarron county's news source competed in Division Six, the largest pool in competition with 17 different weekly papers with circulations of 1,200 to 1,849 in competition.

The Boise City News placed second in Editorial Comment and third in Personal Columns.

The judge's sheet on editorial comment read:

Quality of writing, originality, compelling lead, and concluding kicker- all as excellent, and good on logical construction.

“Good pieces. The valedictorian one was the best individual piece in the contest,” the comments continued. “Looks would improve the impact. It is rather tight. But the content is solid.

The valedictorian column referred to was the Feb. 23 article criticizing the Keyes School board on their decision to chose two valdedictorians.

The remarks on the personal columns read, “Amusing, eccentric observations on life. A little bit of overkill on making the point. Writing could be tightened.

The paper didn't fair as well on its other entries.

For News Content, the judges comments were, “Work on photo quality and organization and help stories get to the point by grabbing the reader's attention.

For News Writing, “Short leads, dull, uninspiring, check dates, many AP Style errors.”

For photography, What stands out: “The photographer gets to the scene while the action is still happening.

Sports: “Too many small photos squeezed into a small space. Many are technically lacking and could be eliminated, using the best two or three much larger.

Feature writing, “Good imagery and colorful reflection of people in your community. Shorten lead paragraphs, use semicolon sparingly. Use bylines-helps readers connect personally to the paper. Apostrophe problems.

The Boise City News is currently entered in the Panhandle Press Association's contest and those results will come out in April.

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