Slinging a Smooth Stone


The U.S. Congress has little business legislating morals

For most of two weeks now, there has been much to do about  something and at the same time nothing...Janet Jackson's Super Bowl stunt.

Bill O'Reilly, of the Fox News Channel has discussed it, referred to Hollywood Entertainment as a “...cesspool” and accused Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes of  “..being out of touch with the nation.”

Mr. O'Reilly, he of the “No Spin Zone,” must buy his Dramamine by the boxcar load, or he'd surely be dizzy. As for Fox's claim of “Fair and Balanced Coverage”? Please...I have no idea with coverage by Fox News why President Bush even hired a Press Secretary.

In comparison, Fox's Television Entertainment Division brings to us in prime-time, My Obnoxious Fat Boyfriend , The Littlest Groom , The Simpsons , Judges Mathis and Hatchett and Divorce Court , Blind Date , Extreme Dating and my favorite gagger, Jerry Springer .

In any case Fox, ABC, NBC, and of course the hapless CBS on whose watch the incident happened have all “covered” the uncovering.

Mothers have written to newspaper editors with the question of “What do I tell my seven-year-old son?

My question? Why was your seven-year-old watching a halftime show which hosted at least two  male Rap singers; an entertainment (?) venue with lyrics about murder, rape and the abuse of women? In comparison, a glimpse of Janet's breast  is really a nonevent.

My second question? Does your son own a Game Boy, or any other video game product; and if so what games does he play? Are they violent?

Now congressional hearings have cropped up on C-Span; the Chairman of the FCC has been grilled and is indignant over the incident and congressmen are discussing amendments and cracking down.

Oh yes, Washington D.C. and the U.S. Congress, paragons of virtue, let's see...if memory serves me we've had congressmen cavorting in Tidal Basins with strippers, (Wilbur Mills, October of 1974), another sailing into the Caribbean on a ship called “Monkey Business”, (Gary Hart and Donna Rice, 1987) and can we ever forget Bill Clinton's love of Interns the age of his daughter, cigars, and the Oval Office desk?

Left to their own devices, congress would soon pass legislation if taken literally would, (and someone will), make the publication and reading of the Bible to be dangerous, salacious, mind-altering and illegal.

We do not need congress telling us what we can write, publish, film and watch. What we need is the common sense to throw away, turn off and boycott what ever offends us.

What we need is personal responsibility.

The word for the week, is frightening