Oklahoma celebrates its centennial year in 2007

Just two years after statehood and less than five since the government had seen fit to open “No Man's Land” to settlement by others than the aboriginal Plains Indians, the farmers of Cimarron County, living often separated by a mile or more from the nearest neighbor and many more from a well stocked merchant, found ways to compensate. Phone lines and shoe polish are just two examples in Alma Cryers “The Little City of Felt”.



The people in the vicinity of Bertrand are harnessing up the barbed wire fences and using it to talk over. A dozen or more have telephones now, and can enjoy a social chat with their neighbor without leaving home,.

Living in this country so far from town as some of us do, we run out of necessary things sometimes. Did you know that sweet cream and soot makes an excellent shoe polish? Try it, just turn over the stove lid, pour on the cream, mix and go to polishing.


By 1910, a real phone line had been installed from Felt to Boise City and on to Texhoma.


With arrival or pending arrival of tracks for the AT&SF Rail Road, more towns came into existence; communities such as Keyes and Felt.


Thursday August 20, ‘1925 The Beginning Of A New Town

Felt opened up Friday With Sale. Friday was an enjoyable day as well as profitable for Felt, and surrounding community.

Those who purchased lots were: S. B. Kelley, Dalhart; T. E. Leake; William. Lunt of Wilkins; D. M. Cloud, Boise City; Mrs. L. A, Combs of Griggs; E. R. Stewart, Dalhart; Lee Larrabee of Liberal, Kansas; Muncy and Carson, Elkhart; T. M. Deal Lumber Co.; W. M. Rixey of Clayton.

We hope to see building started soon. The prospects for a thriving little town could not be better on the plains.

No one could know in the mid 1920s that the nation was headed for an era that would test it and the souls and minds of its citizens; especially those living in the nation's breadbasket. In 1928, successful farmers were breaking out more land and spending hard earned dollars for expensive machinery..little did they know that the depression and dustbowl lurked just over the next hill.


Farmer Near Felt Buys Car Load Of

Farming Implements

Last Saturday Fred Tuttle, manager of the Tuttle Implement Company of Boise City , sold an order of John Deere implements, approximately a car load to one customer.

The purchase, made by Alton Maness of near Felt, totaled around $2,500.00 and included a model D tractor, 8-16 disk tiller, No. 5-C 3 bottom plow, No. 602 cultivator with third row attachment, 6-30 three-row lister, 12 X 14 drill and one wagon truck.

Mr. Maness farms on a big scale, and recently came to Cimarron County from Pratt County , Kansas , locating near Felt, where he is farming about 1,500 acres of land. He says he believes that if a person is to get results in agriculture he must have adequate farm machinery for his operation.

Mr. Tuttle now has his warehouse completed and it is already stocked with good fixtures to facilitate the handling of parts and accessories for the John Deere line. Since establishing the business here he has received some five carloads of farm machinery, including combines, tractors, plows, listers, cultivators, etc.

It is also the intention of the firm to maintain a first class repair shop in connection with the business, which will facilitate prompt and adequate service on all machinery they sell.