Hello all,

Wednesday is the national day of love. Since we won't be able to get out on Valentine's Day because there's supposed to be a big storm you might want to curl up and read a love story like the “Tell-Tale HEART” by Edgar Allan Poe. Ok, maybe it's not a love story but it's about hearts (and ripping them out), so it's kind of like a love story!

I do want to recommend “A Scandal in Bohemia ” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's not a happy love story but in it Sherlock Holmes meets someone who actually outsmarted him and loves her forever.

Another great story is Romeo and Juliet. They are in love but their love can never truly be because of their families!! So they kill themselves to be together forever!

Instead of reading romantic tragedies watch a romantic movie called “One Night with the King”. It's about a girl named Esther who meets the king and they fall in love. You can read about it in the Bible in the book of Esther or you can watch the movie. That is one of the best movies I've ever seen!

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! The average snail moves 0.03 miles per hour. Men don't be snails, go out and get your wives or girlfriends something special! Have a happy Valentine's and I'll see you next week.