School bond election on horizon for Felt ISD

Voters in the Felt ISD will have in April, the opportunity to bring their buildings into federal compliance and make what Superintendent Jeff Funk calls “Much needed repairs.”

A public meeting will be held on Feb. 17, in the school auditorium to discuss the issue.

The school is asking their voters to support bonds of $415 thousand for building repairs and another $35 thousand for a new activity bus. The bonds, if passed, would retire in five years.

The largest part of the money will be spent to construct a new elementary building, replace three teacher's housing units, make much needed repairs and to purchase the bus.

Funk said the school has remained financially sound over the past three years, even with the drastic cuts implemented in educational funds.

The funds however, without the bond issue, are not available to keep Felt up as a quality school due to the necessary upgrades needed.

Recent legislation has required  that changes be made for children with special needs, and the Felt ISD also provides a preschool for their children. Neither of these requirements were on the school when the present elementary building was constructed in the 1970s.

Mandated library facilities, and technology equipment, have with the increased class sizes, caused crowding in the present buildings.

Funk also points out that due to the age of the current buildings many repairs need to be taken care of immediately before they degrade beyond repair.