Boise City  Municipal Court, Police Report

Grocery stores in Boise City, Elkhart, Kan., and Clayton, N.M. have been vicitimized by what Police chief Dale Harper has catagorized as a bogus check/ counterfeiter. The man, who seems to be moving west passed what appeared to be payroll checks from Conoco for about $300 each. Harper said the incident is still under investigation. “He seems to be going west; we aren't sure how far. He cashed three checks in one afternoon.”

Police officers in Boise City logged 1,905 miles on patrol in January.

Harper, logged 340 miles, Borth, 991 and Mowrer, 574.

One accident was reported, with Borth investigating it.

There was one adult arrest and no juvenile arrests made.

There were nine citations written, Harper wrote one, Mowrer, eight. Five citations were for speeding, and four for failure to come to a complete stop.

Twenty-seven warning tickets were filed, Harper five, Borth nine and Mowrer, 13. Twenty-three warning tickets were for speeding; two for failure to stop; one for no insurance and one for the illegal use of an engine brake.

In other activity: three security alarms were answered; two dog complaints; one domestic altercation; one vandalism; one grand larceny; one funeral traffic.

In Municipal court, Judge Jay Newton reported that two speeding offenses were adjudicated, with fines of $52 and $72 being paid.