Keyes council receives REAP grant to paint city's water tower
Birdie Walker- correspondent

City Council members present were Laura Ingram and Chris Townsley.

Kirk Fisher was present to discuss a REAP Grant to paint the water tower.

The Keyes City Council accepted a $19,805.00 Reap Grant to repaint the Water Tower.

Fire Chief Glen Copeland reported that some new fire equipment has been received.

EMS Director Willie Shelly reported one ambulance run this past month; he also reported that the new ambulance has been inspected.

The council approved purchase orders and checks #5615 through #5662.

The council voted to make a change in the hours allowed for shooting fireworks on July 3 and July 4. The new hours will be 8 a.m. until 1 a.m. This will amend subsection 5-7-1A of the Keyes code of ordinances pertaining to the discharging of fireworks.

The council voted to update the city's Quickbooks system. The cost of this is $169.95.

Council went into executive session to discuss Salary and benefits for Treasurer, Billye Lowe.

Out of executive session the Council voted to pay all of City Treasurer Billye Lowe's family insurance but not pay her a cash salary.

Utility Meeting:

Changes were made in the cost of the water line project on Ramsey Street. Ramsey is a County Road and the water line must be 48 inches deep. This change will add approximately $17,500.00 to the original bid.

Trash pickup by the City of Keyes to homes out in the country was discussed but no decision was made.

A request was made by Elkhart for the City of Keyes to donate money to the Fireworks display in Elkhart. It was decided that Keyes could not donate at this time.

The council discussed replacing sewer pump but no action was taken.

Council voted to purchase new heating system for the City owned house, presently occupied by the Chief of Police, Larry Taylor. The price for new system will be $2431.00.

Meeting adjourned.