To the Editor:

Once again our loveable editor has puzzled me. I never know if he is really that misguided, or if he is only trying to stir up a lively debate. Concerning his tirade about the Minutemen in Slinging a Smooth Stone of December 27, he seems to be peering through a politically-correct kaleidoscope to generate his outrage. Although he labels the Minutemen as racist, it seems to me that people who live along the southern border would be most concerned with illegal immigration across the southern border. It also occurs to me that people crossing the southern border would most often be from countries south of the border. And, although it makes the editor uncomfortable, it is simply a fact that residents of most countries south of our border are “brown”. I don't see that these facts would indicate that the Minutemen are necessarily “racist”. I suspect that if they were to observe a Yugoslavian or a Scandinavian crossing the Rio Grande , they would report that to the authorities as well. I also understand why the Americans living along the southern border are not as concerned about waves of “frostbacks” wading across the great lakes from Canada .

Perhaps if the editor were to be the victim in an automobile accident of an illegal alien with no insurance, no driver's license, and a “borrowed” Social Security number, he would not be such an advocate of unrestricted borders.

Mike Barnes Boise City , OK