by Norma Gene Young

My cousin, Sandie Fincher Cook of Canadian, Texas, was released on Monday from the hospital in Amarillo. She had open heart surgery on Jan. 19. She is getting along well, and doctors say there is no permanent heart damage.

Four of Sandie's friends offered to relieve David of some of the shopping for Sandie. He later offered this piece of advice: “Don't ever loan your credit card to four women!”


Dr. Roger Etling was released from an Oklahoma City hospital last week, and is at his home in Oklahoma City. He is in a cast from his ankle to his hip, and it is almost impossible for him to get around. A nurse comes in each day to assist him.


Kay Peck, who worked at The Boise City News for several years, was the world's worst punster. I saw this in something recently, written by Ogden Nash, and thought of her immediately: “I am a conscientious man. When I throw rocks at sea birds, I leave no Tern unstoned.”

That is a real groaner--much like most of Kay's puns.


Recently I was peering through some stuff I wrote several years ago and ran across this item, which I think is worth repeating. I never did get an answer to it, and don't expect one now. Here it is:

The big thing nowdays in cooking steaks has been to use mesquite in the fire so the flavor of the wood permeates the steaks.

It got me to thinking about what homesteaders in the early days (with no wood around) used for fuel. Does the flavor of the fuel really permeate the steaks? Don't call me. I still don't want to know.