Collins' comments
by Kelly Collins

It is a slow death. It creeps into you and grows slowly over decades. It is not a pretty death as you lie there hooked up to tubes fighting, gasping and choking.

It is a fast addiction; hooking you with the very first score.

It is an expensive addiction to feed. I have seen it take children and turn them into liars, thieves and make enemies of them and their parents.

Besides death, it brings with it many physical problems on the path to death. It can effect eyesight, blood pressure, heart, liver and lungs to name a few. It even modifies and hampers thought processes.

It is considered the hardest addiction to break and become free again. When and if you break free of this addiction it takes five years to get the residual substance out of your system. It can take longer for the damage to your body to be repaired.


Yes, I am talking about smoking, nicotine. Yes I smoke and even though I have quit for significant periods of time I am smoking again. For those that don't smoke and can't understand why a person who has all this information would still smoke; I challenge you to do something. Give up eating for 3 days. Drink only water, juice and clear broth. Even that is easier to do than to give up smoking for three days.

What is sad is that even though you have to be 18 to buy tobacco products they are still falling into the hands of children. Older friends buy it for them. If you are a friend of an underage smoker, be a real friend and do not buy cigarettes for them.

If you are addicted there are several things you can do. There are patches, gum and now there is a lozenge like hard candy that you can use to taper off the tobacco. If you can break the addiction don't ever think that you can smoke just one. It will be instant re-addiction. Every person I know that has quit has used a different method. Find one that works for you and do it. I am going to town and get the lozenges and try it again.

Having said all that, I just lit up. Some times I wonder about me.

What do you think?