Sedge Guymon Inauguration guide

Navy Seaman Sedge C. Guymon participated in the 55th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., as a member of the Joint Task Force-Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. The competitively selected members from the five branches of U.S. military services arrive according to a time-phased plan at the direction of the Secretary of Defense.

The JTF-AFIC is a joint service organization charged with coordinating all military ceremonial participation and support for the 2005, 55th Presidential Inauguration at the nation's captial. The committee establishes a location from which to operate, retrieve and review all available historical documentation, and establish operating and contracting procedures.

The inaugural team is responsible for a range of planning, operational, communications, logistics, personnel, and public affairs support related to inaugural ceremonies and activities. Military participation traditionally includes musical units, marching bands, color guards, firing details and salute batteries, and provide a limited amount of approved logistical support. When fully manned, more than 700 people participate within JTF-AFIC to provide military support during the 10-day inaugural period, January 15th through January 24.

Guymon served as a ceremonies guide. He has two years of military service.

He is the son of Shane C. Guymon of Keyes, Okla., and a 2003 Keyes High graduate.

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