I received e-mails about last week's column. I seem to have confused some people. Instead of answering individually I have written this column in an attempt to clear up that confusion.

No one can deny that we have become more and more liberal in government, mores, culturally etc, as we age as a nation. Are we better off?

Yes in part we are. There are good things that have come about because we have become more liberal. Women are not chattel anymore, they vote and have the same rights as do men; and this is not just a good thing it is a great thing.

We have equal opportunity laws. That too is a great thing, The nation as a whole cannot advance while it suppresses a large portion of its citizens.

We have laws that protect children from abuse. We have laws to protect the environment. We have laws that protect our right to worship as we please. All these are good things.

These are all things that our increased liberality has brought us. But in most cases they have gone too far.

Under the guise of women's rights abortion has been allowed. I will not argue about when a fetus becomes human. It is to me irrelevant. If left to develop it will be born a human baby. Contraceptives are cheaper than abortions and it is a woman's right to practice contraception. A minor child if pregnant can get an abortion with out having to notify the parent. That is so wrong. It has taken parental rights away and this too is from liberal thinking taken too far.

There was a time in this country that a person could get a job and work for one company all their working life. They were assured of retirement at the end of their work life. It is still possible but not likely for this to happen. Liberal thinking has caused over taxation and over regulation of industries to the point that many companies have gone off shore. A lot of the regulations were designed to protect the environment. The tax burden on corporations to help defray the costs of entitlement programs that have been misused and in many cases abused.

Liberal thinking has ruined our schools. We can't flunk little Suzie and Tom because it might damage their egos so we have dumbed down the schools in America so as not to hurt their tender feelings. The results are evident. They have to put icons on the cash registers in fast food places because the kids don't understand anything else. They cannot make correct change without the cash register telling them. We graduate more functionally illiterate children than ever before.

Child protective laws have gone so far that parents cannot discipline their children; discipline, not abuse. No one wants to see a child abused but when parents cannot discipline their children they lose control of them. Adult authority figures have lost respect because of this. School teachers, principals, police officers, etc.

I am not a Democrat and I certainly am not a Republican. In fact I didn't like the choices I had this last election and didn't vote for either man for president. I did vote however, for the rest of the ballot. I voted after studying the candidates, their backgrounds and their records. That was not an easy thing to do. Most of what you find is negative information and usually dragged out by the opposition.

When I was a teenager drug usage was almost unheard of among my peers. When I first returned home out of nostalgia I went to Boise and parked on the Moore's Food Pride lot. It was after 9 p.m. I sat there and watched 3 drug deals go down by the Boise City Tire Shop. A city policeman came on the lot and asked me what I was doing. I said just sitting and remembering things. I used to park there when it was the Ideal Supermarket and eventually some of my friends would show up and we would plan something to do. Anyway the police officer told me I had to move on because after the store was closed it was trespassing to park there. There were still several cars at the Boise City tire shop at the time.

We have lost so much, and gained so little, under the liberal programs taken to extreme.

I ask you again, are we better off?

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