Boise City as it is

I went around the block to do interviews with two different people. One who has been here for a longer time and one who just moved here. I chose Mr. Jay Carson and my grandmother, Mrs. Wanda Powell because others and I would like to see their different perspectives of our town.

What my grandmother loves about Boise City are the sunrises and the sunsets, getting to live so close to family (a.k.a. us ), that the town is so small, everybody knows everybody, that there are so many active churches, and we have a nice nursing home with kind loving people working there. She also loves the way the community takes such good care of the cemetery, hospital, nursing home, and the library. She loves all the books they have. She could just about live there I think.

For the funny side of my grandmother she says she will never have to pack up and move again because she is only a block away from the nursing home or the mortuary. So whichever comes first everything is taken care of.

As for Mr. Carson, he has lived here for 55 years. He likes the fact that we have such good people, a good school, and a great climate. Although he wishes we had more rain. He loves the fact that it's so comfortable here and the people of the community care so much for one another.

I have noticed the community gets together for fundraisers and social events quite often. Also when we moved on our block Mr. and Mrs. Carson and several other families brought us food so my mom didn't have to cook while we were unpacking.

Last but not least, Mr. Carson is glad that the newspaper here lets people experiment with their talents. Thank you to Mr. Jay Carson and Mrs. Wanda Powell for the interviews. You are a life saver Jay THANKS.


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