The following letter was sent to State Ag Secretary Terry Peach and other government officials, by Terry Collins of Kenton. Since the letters were mailed Mrs. Collins has received the distressing news that little more can be done for Cimarron County ranchers.-The Editor

Dear Mr, Peach:

We are writing on behalf of the ranchers and farmers in Cimarron County and the Panhandle of Oklahoma area, although the National Guard has dropped hay to a portion of the cattle in this area there is still a need for some assistance. The major storms we have had in this region have caused a tremendous amount of loss to many ranchers and farmers. There are still many cattle that are not accounted for, many more so weak due to the lack of feed and water that most of them will die. Some cows are aborting their calves early and some calves are being born and freezing to death because of the extreme cold temperatures and deep snow. This will cause an even bigger financial strain on ranchers and farmers that are already stressed because of the extra expense they are experiencing, cost of feed and having to hire equipment to clear roads to gain access to cattle, windmills that are freezing and becoming inoperable are just adding to the devastation in this community. We have been dealing with these conditions since the end of December 2006, when the first major storm in fifty years hit and crippled this region.

The loss of livestock and resources in Cimarron County will also affect the rest of Oklahoma and the consumers of the Nation, today it still continues to snow and bury our grasses even deeper, this situation is not short term. Is there a representative from your office that could meet with our community and assess our needs. We would be grateful for any assistance that may be available for this area to help save our livestock. Thank you for your consideration in these matters.


Terry J. Collins

Copies sent to: James Inhofe, Frank Lucas, Gov. Brad Henry, Owen Laughlin, Tom Coburn, Gus Blackwell and Jack Carson