This week has been nothing but snow and more snow. Although sledding has been super fun and so has making the snowmen. They were in my front yard until a neighborhood pup came and tried to eat them. There is also a large pile of snow in my front yard due to the fact that our friends came and cleared off our driveway for us while we were on our Christmas trip. Thanks to Mark Axtell and his family. It helped a lot, because we had to back our 5 th wheel into the drive. YOU KNOW…because of the snow I don't think a drought will be a problem for a long time!

I kind of don't like the snow, because on Sunday my dad picked me up took me outside and threw me in it! He also was strange enough to go for a bike ride in the snow. I've said he was weird but this helps a little!! So then when he got home we had another snow ball fight and I creamed him until he held me upside down and dropped me head first in the snow. While my mother (the traitor) video taped it after telling him to do that!

When we finished playing in the snow we brought out the old home videos. We figured we could win America 's funniest home videos with my sister and my brother having a singing competition, and neither one won. They stunk, but it made a very entertaining movie! I can humiliate my brother and sister about their singing now that they are grown!!

I also was very annoying because when I was little (up until last week) I always wanted to see myself in the camera so they never got a good video of me! I hope we continue making many more silly videos so they can humiliate me when I get grown!!

You all have a safe and fun week and I'll see you soon!