From the eyes of a child...


Rhiannon Toon

Cimarron County Homeschooled


Life in Boise City is so exciting.

Just last week I was in shorts and a T-shirt making mud pies in the back yard with my three dogs, Annie, Fritzy and Dutchess. This week I woke up to find snow on the ground. So as usual, I went to build a snow man. It was awesome but only lasted a day.

I went to the farm show and saw lots of booths from area businesses. I especially enjoyed eating popcorn and helping Mr. Twombly. I thank him for letting me be his helper.

I met the Chief meteorologist from Channel 7 in Amarillo . His name is Steve Kersh. He was there to speak about the weather and how it affects Cimarron County .


He spoke about the drought we were having. He said we have only had a half inch of rain in the past month. That is bad.

He also said that people from other countries like New Zealand , Australia and Japan pay about $2,000 a week to ride with storm chasers in the spring. Wow, that someone would pay to see the things that we see for free, is interesting.


Winter in Boise City is great. I thank God that I can play in shorts one day, and a ski suit the next. I love to play outside and this is a great place to be. The weather is almost perfect in winter and summer. I still love the summer best. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next week.

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