Colorado pursuit ends with accident on Cimarron County Courthouse Square

by C.F. David

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood action movie, seven police units participated in a high speed pursuit of two Arkansas fugitives beginning in Prowers County (Lamar) Colorado on Friday night. The pursuit ended on the north lawn of the Cimarron County Courthouse just after 10 p.m.

According to Oklahoma State Trooper Boyd Perry he received a call from troop headquarters in Guymon at about 10 p.m that there was a pursuit in progress from Springfield, Colo. toward the Oklahoma state line. Perry set up a road block 11 miles north of Boise City and Cimarron County Deputy Derek Kincannon was a mile further north.

“They told me that they had reached speeds of 110 miles per hour in the fog coming out of Springfield,” Perry explained. “Then, four miles inside the Oklahoma state line the suspects hit something in the highway that blew out their left front tire. They then drove about 80 miles per hour on a rim and three wheels.”

Perry explained that when he began pursuit the vehicle was clocked at 80 and they had met about 10 to 15 vehicles, mostly trucks driving in the northbound lanes.

“They, (the Merchants) kept looking back at me and we passed Dale (Boise City Police Chief Dale Harper) about a mile north of Boise City. Lucklily we didn't meet any northbound vehicles after we entered the city limits,” Perry said.

“You could hear the rim on the pavement before you heard the sirens,” said Mike Barnes of the Boise City Body Shop.

The two fugitives ended their high speed drive when they collided with the road sign in front of the courthouse. They exited the vehicle and were taken into immediate custody. They were, according to Perry, in possession of two loaded handguns.



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