B. C. School Board discusses bond issue

The Boise City School Board during their Jan. 11 board meeting discussed the recently passed bond issue, according to Superintendent Dan Faulkner. Faulkner continued that the date for the bond sale, (tentatively March 1) would be set for sure during the February meeting. Once sold, the money derived from the bonds would be available by mid-May.

The board also declared that two buses and an older student driver's car (1986 mustang) would be sold outright by public bid.

The board then discussed possible new procedures for starting school late or dismissing school in case of bad weather.

Faulkner then told the board that the Internal Revenue Service had established new policy guidelines for per diem pay for school employees.

Faulkner said that the Boise City School system will this spring pursue a large grant from the Bill Gates Foundation. the money if received would pay for computer hardware and for the onsite instruction of teachers in how to use it.

“And when Microsoft says they'll come to Boise City, to train us, I think they know what that means,” Faulkner said with a smile.

The board approved a fund raiser trip to Roman Nose State park for a group for Special Olympics.

The board then discussed the options available to them should no one apply for the vacancy on the board for Ronnie Cochran's position. should that occur, the board would appoint someone to that position.

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