by Norma Jean Young

I am not a winter person. I've never wanted to move to California or Florida though, because the only water I like is in the bathtub. Considering what Californians have been going through lately, I imagine some of those people would be happy to change locations with us. But no chance.


My older granddaughter, Kendra Smith, a paramedic, is working for a group of doctors in Manhattan, KS, and she now has proof of what ice and snow can do to a person. She slipped on ice last week near her apartment and broke her right leg in three places between the knee and ankle. Right now she's not exactly a happy camper. She has a perfectly good pickup just sitting idle out there, but if she could get in it she couldn't drive it. And she can't clump around on crutches just anywhere. She's stuck on the divan in her apartment, and she's mad! She used to be such a happy girl.

All of us in the Smith and Young families are running up our phone bills trying to keep her spirits up, but it's hard to do, even though most of us know what she is going through, since we've been in that shape.

Her younger sister, Shannon, spun in about two years ago. Both her parents, Dan and Laura, have had broken legs. Her aunt, Christy, learned when in high school that skis weren't a reliable mode of transportation. I have also been what you could call clumsy. (Once when I was young and ungraceful, and twice after I became old and ungraceful.) I seem to remember that Kendra's other grandmother, Faye Smith, was on crutches a few years ago, but that may not have been caused by awkwardness. Anyway, you can see all of us have had problems and know how to sympathize and are trying our best to make Kendra feel better. Come to think of it, I believe her two grandfathers, Ted Smith and Bob Young, may have been the only agile persons in either family.


By the time this is being printed on Wednesday, perhaps we will be able to see the sun shining again, and those of us who have been staying at home reading or doing needlepoint can get outside without fear of killing ourselves. Oh, for a nice, spring day!





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