Collins's Comments

Dear Liberals and bleeding hearts:

I truly applaud your efforts misguided as they are. You are at least working at what you believe in. In this day and age that is something to recognize.

Oregon has the strictest set of child protection laws that I know of and they are amazed at the rise in juvenile delinquency and the loss of respect for parental authority, the authority of the schools to discipline them.

More and more entitlement programs for sane and healthy people are costing us more and more of our tax dollars.


The environment is so protected by regulating industry that they are pulling up stakes and moving off shore reducing our tax base directly and indirectly. When people are out of work they need the entitlement programs and are not paying taxes.

Now about Iraq, I didn't want us in there in the first place but it was a decision the government made on our behalf. Yes we are losing lives there and pouring a lot of money into the sand. Many say it's a blood for oil trade. I am not sure that I disagree with that. However Muslim extremists are responsible for the deaths of many all over the world. Embassy bombings, Marine barracks, Achilli Lauro hijacking, Pan Am flight 103, the Twin Towers, etc. etc. etc. I still don't want us there. It is becoming like Vietnam; and like Afghanistan for the Russians. We cannot win even if we win. Our lost of respect in the international community is driving nations into the European Union, which wishes to push us out of our place as a world leader and our place in the financial world.

If we allow all this to be swept under the rug what is next? It's like bullies; if you let them bully you today they will do it again tomorrow. Only when you stand and fight do they decide that you are not worth the trouble it causes them.

The rest of the people sit back complacent and let what ever happens break over them like a small wave. And then there are some that sit back and write about it thinking that they are effecting change by informing the people.

We write about the government lying to us and you sit back and say “So what else is new?” We write about deficit spending eroding the value of our dollars and you sit back and take it. We tell you about the increase in natural disasters and you think well it isn't here I don't have to worry.

Wake up every one. The coffee is on, the sun is shining and there are things you can do. I won't insult your intelligence in detailing what, I have done that time and again. I just want to remind you that you can make a difference. You can change things. You can start local and branch out. Let your voice be heard.



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