Swinburne, Roberts, take positions as CFO, Nursing Home Director

Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home has placed bird aviary for residents

Tammy Swinburne, former Superintendent of Felt Public Schools, has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

Barbie Miller's last day at CMH, will be Jan. 23.

“I have learned a lot in the last few weeks,” Swinburne said.

“But I'm not totally leaving education behind.”

Swinburne, who has a Master's Degree in Education has been, and plans to continue to, teach over the Internet.

“I just thought I'd try something new,” Swinburne said when asked why she'd taken the position.

Asked if her experience as a public school administrator had been an advantage in learning her new job, Swinburne said, “it actually has helped quite a bit. The coding and auditing processes are similar. The challange has been my lack of a medical background,” she admitted.

“But I like the fact I'm learning something different and I'm able to be around people.”

“It's been a very easy transition. People have welcomed me with open arms.”

However, Swinburne realizes that her transition from academics to the medical field won't be without bumps.

“There will probably be issues with the billing on insurance, Medicare, Medicaid,” she admitted. “I have a lack of knowledge. But, luckily, I have an excellent business staff who know the ins and outs.”

Asked what she sees as the big challenge, Swinburne chooses the hospital's tarnished reputation.

“I think in the past, people maybe have not always looked at the hospital as they should have..because of rumors. But we have a professional staff, who, despite rumor mills and changes in the administration, they have come to work every day and done the very best job they could have. I hope the community will come to realize what they [The hospital staff] do for them,” Swinburne concluded.

Nancy Roberts

Nancy Roberts has served as the Director of Cimarron Memorial Nursing Home since Jan. 1.

Her main priority? Keeping the home and hospital.

Roberts, a 1969 graduate of BCHS and a graduate of OPSU, majoring in Speech and English.

“I never did use my degree. I went to work for the Department of Human Services and finished my career in Child Welfare and Adoptions in 2002.”

“I really feel I was called to do this. [Work at the nursng home.] “I think this is a special place, for us and our families. I approached the board, and they hired me.

Roberts feels confident she has the confidence of the hospital board and will be able to work with a new administrator.

Roberts has applied for a Provisional license to manage the facility and upon its receipt will have six months to qualify for state and federal mandates.

“We have a great staff here. We need more. We have Frankie Armstrong for Social Services; she arranges appointments, writes letters, she works three days a week.”

“We need to raise the confidence of our locals. So they'll think of us before they consider Clayton, Guymon, Boise City or Dalhart.”

“I think we are in a good position to bring groups such as students into the home. We also have the Home Culture Club involved,” she explained.

The nursing home also has a new bird aviary for the residents.

“It's free for a month, then it'll cost $3,300. We hope individuals and groups will be able to help us,” Roberts explained.

Family pets are also welcomed to visit the residents.