Collins' Comments

by Kelly Collins

No one ever does everything right. That is our opinion about people. I have a problem with the Patriot's Act and the Homeland Security Agency.

Sometimes I even have doubts about our being in Iraq. There still is little evidence of Chemical or biological weapons. I read in the news that O'Neil said that Bush had plans for invading Iraq in 2000. I don't see anything he has to back that up. Maybe I missed something. I am at best a grudging fan of G.W. Bush. He has done some really great things while he has been in office. So far the opposition hasn't shown me anything that they can do better. At this point they are not talking about what they would do but flaw finding in President Bush. If you want my attention I need to see what they are going to do. I am intelligent enough to judge President Bush's performance for myself. So all you candidates out there don't run down your opponent, rather you show me that you can do the job better and you will win my vote next election.

Tongue in Cheek.

I hurt some ones feelings. I didn't do it on purpose but the fact remains. I was in the check out line and had forgotten one of the items on my list and I went to get it. I made the comment that it was fun getting older and a bit drafty in the belfry.

A gentleman said “Yes, now that I am older I get to go hunting and fishing all the time.”

I said “That's really nice.”

He added “Yep I hunt for my car keys, I hunt for my wallet I hunt for my checkbook.” I said “I get the picture.” As soon as I had said that I realized it was wrong. He looked hurt that I had not allowed him to finish. To cover I asked him how about fishing?

He smiled and said “Well right now I am fishing for your name.”

I told him, “My name is Ralph Compton.”

He thought about that for a moment and said “I thought you were taller.”