Memorial Hospital's payroll string ends at 9

by C.F. David

Cimarron Memorial Hospital, for the first time in ten straight attempts, failed to meet it's payroll on Dec. 7.

“I'm damned ashamed we didn't make payroll,” said Hospital CEO Rod Burrus.

“Paul, (CFO Paul Miller), said it wasn't my fault; but I feel responsible. We've come so far to take a step back,” Burrus frowned.

Burrus still has nothing but praise for his staff and their seeming determination to stick by the hospital.

“One thing that has always been a constant and unwavering, and that is our employees.” “I sent a memo out on the fifth, telling the staff that I didn't think we'd make payroll on the seventh. I never heard anyone grumble.”

“It goes back to the tenacity of our employees; it's been an honor to work with them. It may have been more debilitating to me than any of the staff. I may be taking it harder,” Burrus smiled wanly.

“I'm not sure what happened,' Burrus said. “Collections slowed during Christmas of course; also, we had some very low census days, even though during Christmas we averaged 10 to eleven patients a day and we never had a zero,” Burrus added.

“Also, we aren't behind on our Federal taxes,” Burrus grinned.

Burrus had been concerned as the payroll was met each time; feeling the pressure mount as each record was broken; waiting for the financial shoe to drop. Now however, he thinks perhaps there may be another light at the end of a proverbial tunnel.

“I'm not sure it's arrogance, but I feel that it's always darkest before the dawn. This, was a hiccough.

“As you may know we have Dr. Frank Thomas from Hobart coming up this Thursday, (Jan. 13) to begin doing endoscopies. That'll mean an immediate $5 to $7 thousand; and I am going to try and make arrangements that Dr. Thomas be scheduled back every second full week of the month.”

Also, we have Dr. Gary Matthews, from Kerrick who has expressed an interest in working part-time for us, he's filing for his Oklahoma license.”

Then Dr. Opara, from Dumas, an Internal Physican who specializes in Cardiology wants to come up here a few days a month,” Burrus explained.

Then finally, Dr. Don Perido, from Elkhart has expressed an interest in eventually coming here to perform some surgeries,” Burrus smiled.

Burrus then explained that the surgery depends on the good faith of a local donor who has agreed to donate anesthesiology machine, (and investment of about $15,000).

“If all this happens, our staff will double, and if I can get these physicans rotating through here it will cost the hospital virtually nothing.”

Burrus then explained that the hospital has recently acquired the most state-of-the-art financial software, which will begin up-to-date mailing of financial statements; which will hopefully bring in more money to the hospital's coffers.

Also, the paper work has begun for Cimarron Memorial to become responsible for the county's Home Health and Hospice patients.

‘That, Burrus said, “is an incredible amount of paperwork.”

“So we have a lot of things in the works,” Burrus explained.

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