Hello all,

This week was the most exciting of my life!

First the tons of snow hit and that was amazing from what I hear. We were gone to Muskogee for Christmas and wound up staying there for two weeks. We only planned on staying for three or four days. We went for Christmas and hoped to see my brother and his wife have their baby. They finally did and her name is Trinity Faith Toon. She was born on Jan. 2 nd at 10:46 A.M. weighing in at 7.4 pounds. She has chubby cheeks and was really pink with lots of black hair. My brother also said that it was the best day of his life besides getting married, isn't that sweet. And Trinity was put in the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper for being the first baby of the new year in Muskogee !

This all worked out. Because the snow caused the roads to be closed and we had to stay for 5 or 6 extra days. We were all so happy to be there for the birth of my 3 rd niece. I feel old (like my dad). So when you see him around call him grandpa!!!

The one down side to us being gone so long was my grandma was here all by herself during the storm. We couldn't get here to help her but this community really sticks together and she had several people check in on her and take care of her. I just want to thank everyone who called or went to her house to help her. We really are glad we have moved here where everyone is so nice.

Also the snow helped us meet the National Guard guys that came. We got to go inside a helicopter. When they started to land the wind was so bad that there was gravel flying and the wind was cold! It seems that being a helicopter pilot sure beats being a tattoo artist.

There is a saying that I have taken to heart that was put there by one of the men in the crew that said…. “To fly is heavenly but to hover is divine!” This experience has reinforced my plan to go to New Mexico Military Institute for high school and college and then become a helicopter pilot! Yes I will soon be institutionalized and may I say I loved you all. Now I have a new motto and my dream job!

I hope those National Guard guys, Trinity, and you stay safe this next week! And I hope you don't get too cold. I know I will because I am going to build a snowman before it is all gone.