The blizzard of 2007 will bring change

For good or ill, fair or foul, to crops, livestock, individuals, and Cimarron County , the blizzard of 2007 will bring change.

The winter wheat, with the aid of a few spring showers will flourish.

The potential and horrible loss of cattle is and will drive a rise in the price of cattle and store-bought beef.

Agricultural operators that were walking a financial tightrope will falter, some undoubtedly will fail.

Politicians, local and state-wide will be examined for how they responded to the crisis. Some may be found wanting.

From December 28 through Jan. 9, I spent most of my time, trying to stay out of other people's way.

For what ever reason, physical or intellectual, I feel inept in such emergencies. So I did my best to stay out of the way of professionals and amateurs that looked or behaved as if they knew what they were doing.

First, second and third hand I heard charges of ineptitude hurled toward state, county and local officials and employees. Having stayed out of the way, I have no way to authenticate the veracity of many of the “quotes” I have heard. I feel, and hope that 99 percent of them are incidents that are overblown by individuals under stress.

However right or wrong your decision making process works,/ if you as a citizen feel that your political representative, be they federal, state or local, failed you, then it is your duty to act. When election-time rolls around you should have the courage of your convictions. If they failed you, find someone, to replace them. If that person isn't you, then draft and/or persuade a friend to run for public office. If they failed you, then come next election pull yourself from your recliner in front of the big-screen TV and walk to the polls to make a change. If they didn't fail you, then they might need your help to retain their office, so the same advice