Slinging a Smooth Stone

by C.F. David

Editor, TheBoise City News

Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription, non-prescription drugs and booze = pain

Be it a traffic fatality due to alcohol; or the shooting death of a police officer; stimulants, or depressants placed in our bodies continue to bring sadness, sorrow and destruction. Families both those of the accused and innocent, are ripped asunder.

The latest headline grabber is the killing of OHP trooper Nikky Joe Green near Walters.

The suspect, Ricky Malone, a former Duncan firefighter will soon be on trial for his life.

According to some reports, Malone is suspected to have had a mobile methamphetamine lab in the borrowed car he was driving the night he allegedly killed Green. The car, a 1990 model Geo Spectrum had reportedly belonged to Green's sister.

As a result of one violent act, perhaps brought on to cover an illegal drug lab, an incalculable number of people have and will suffer.

It is no secret, that those who use and produce meth aren't the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. In fact, the longer you breathe the fumes from production and or use the product, the dimmer you get.

The production of meth, as I understand it, takes among other things, ether and anhydrous ammonia. It is an extremely volatile process. Explosions or possibly becoming overcome by the fumes are always a possibility; and now they set the lab in the trunk of a car and drive around city streets and on highways? They might be parked next to you at traffic lights with a veritable bomb in their car...that's smart.

While editing the paper in Dumas I was called out on more than one occasion after a meth lab had been busted. The police chief in Dumas, Dale Alwan was always alert to the possible side affects of the lab. Only officers with proper gear were allowed inside; an ambulance was always near at hand. However, the operator of the lab never seemed to mind that in nearby bedrooms were their families, wives, children, all at risk to die by fire or asphyxiation. I have never ceased to be baffled how pure greed and or an addiction can override what is supposed to be born into a parent, the need to protect their young.

The word for the week is Dolt.