Campo man examined for possible head injury

by C.F. David

Turell Chick, 52, of Campo, Colo., was transferred by a Cimarron County ambulance to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo on Monday.


According to Keyes Police Chief Larry Taylor, Chick was first seen one mile north of Keyes on Highway 171.

“I got a call from the county. They told me there was a man lying along side the road,” Taylor said. “Then they told me he had gotten into the car and driven south on 171 and west on Highway 56,” Taylor continued.

“When I found him, he'd parked near some anhydrous tanks near the CoOp. I approached the vehicle and found him covered in blood.”

According to Taylor when he questioned Chick about the source of his injuries he seemed confused.

“I asked him if he'd been in an accident, he said ‘I don't know.' I asked if he'd been in a fight. He said, ‘I don't know.' But I could smell a lot of alcohol. He'd been drinking,” Taylor explained.

Chick was loaded into a Keyes EMS ambulance and transferred to Memorial Hospital in Boise City. While there he was examined and then transferred to Northwest by Cimarron County EMS, accompanied by Chief Taylor.

“They transferred him to Amarillo for a Cat Scan, for a possible head injury, because he had a serious cut over his right eye,” Taylor said.

“His wife followed us down and he was released last night. But I will be issuing a warrant for Apparent Physical Control; because I never actually saw him drive the vehicle,” Taylor added.