Slinging a Smooth Stone

C.F. David

Where in the world has Juan Valdez had his hands?

I'm not a big coffee drinker, and make no claim to being a coffee expert, however, I do have my limits, both economical and…well just plain common sense.

I've drunk chicory coffee in New Orleans , as well as coffee and beignets.

I've drunk Jamaican coffee, and Columbian coffee.

But I believe I draw the line at Kopi Luwak coffee from Indonesia . This specialty coffee sells at $175 a pound, and according to the Reuters News Service, just one on-line coffee merchant hoped to sell 200 pounds worth, (that's $35,000 for those of you who are mathematically challenged), over the holidays. (One-half-section of dry land farm land won't bring that much.)

The coffee sales of Kopi Luwak mostly come from North America , and Europe . The coffee is renowned for its unique flavor and aroma, and the fact that the beans are mined from the dung of the Indonesian Palm Civet; a nocturnal tree climber about the size of a house cat, (I now refer you back to flavor and aroma). According to available information the Palm Civet is a carnivore. However, they love ripe coffee cherries. The beans inside the cherries remain intact after passing through the Palm Civet, and are “harvested” from droppings found near the plantation.

I just thought I had to hold my nose to drink chicory coffee.

Yep, while you and I are sipping ordinary “Maxwell House” to the last drop, the fine citizens of Hollyweird are straining their coffee through their teeth, hoping some Indonesian plantation worker working for pennies a day, did a really good job of washing his hands and the coffee beans.

Now this begs the question, who first thought of “harvesting” the beans, and who decided to even tell us where they come from?

Secondly, what marketing whiz ever thought they could take this product on and make it sell?

But of course when you decided to market it, Europe and California are no-brainers. Get the coffee drinkers of Europe to bite…er swallow this smelly product and the Californians will be easy, because they want to be…sophisticates.

Well I may not be sophisticated; but I know when to spit.

The word for the week is duped.

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