84 Day Bull Test Results Released
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 01-03-2006

Goodwell - The 107 head of beef bulls on performance test at the Oklahoma Panhandle State Central Testing Station have completed 84 days of the 112 day testing period. They will be weighed off test January 28 and the top 70 head will sell in the 54th Annual Performance Tested Bull Sale, Wednesday, February 22, 2006.

Phil Light's Angus bull 17-3 sired by SS Traveler 6807 T 510 leads the junior age bulls with an ADG (average daily gain) of 6.15 pounds. Larry Weinkauf of Orlando, OK has the second ranked junior at 6.06 lbs. ADG on an Angus sired by Circle S 598 Bando 1037. This bull has a WDA (weight-per-day-of-age) of 4.50 pounds. The third place junior is an Angus consigned by M&S Cattle Co., Dover, OK. This bull sired by GAR New Design 9391 has an ADG of 5.79 lbs. and a WDA of 4.01 pounds.

Weinkauf and Leroy Mindemann, Apache, OK are tied in the junior age pen division with ADGs of 5.42 lbs. on pens of three Angus. There are two sires represented in Leroy's pen, Empirette JR Upshot and Littlerobe Design 969. All of Weinkauf's bulls are sons of Circle S 598 Bando 1037. This pen has a WDA average of 4.41 pounds, which is a record for this testing station.

The senior age bulls are led by an Angus consigned by B&M Angus of Edmond, OK. This bull sired by B/R New Design 323-9150 has an ADG of 6.49 pounds. Al Rutledge, Stillwater, OK has the second ranked senior with an ADG of 6.43 lbs. on an Angus sired by Connealy Lead On. In third place is another B&M Angus bull sired by SAF Strategy 9015 at 5.88 pounds per day.

The Al Rutledge pen of four Angus leads the senior pen division with an ADG of 5.58 pounds. There are four sires represented in this pen; Connealy Lead On, Rutledge New Design 296M, GAR Expectation 4915 and TC Moonshine 001. A B&M Angus pen is second with an ADG of 5.14 pounds. Two sires are represented, including B&M Traveler 236 and B/R New Design 323-9150. Tim Meier, Hitchcock , OK has the third ranked senior pen with an ADG of 5.04 pounds. There are four sires represented in this pen - SAF Focus of ER, DDD 6807 HJ 2123, SA Neutron 377 and Bon View New Design 878.

OPSU's pen of four Herefords sired by CJH Advance 384 is the most efficient junior age pen in feed conversion, requiring 5.73 lbs. of as-fed feed per pound of gain. The Al Rutledge pen of four senior age Angus leads this group with an as-fed conversion of 6.65 pounds feed per pound of gain.

OPSU students feeding and caring for the bulls include Cody Cox, Chugwater , WY ; Jonathan Bailey, Taloga , OK ; Rebecca Reich, Dayton , WY and Bryant Weber, Woodward , OK .

The 54th Annual OPSU Performance Tested Bull Sale is set for Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. CST in the England Activity Building, University Farm, Goodwell, OK. Those interested in the performance reports and a sale catalog can contact Gwen Martin, Animal Science Department, OPSU (580)349-1500, e-mail gwen@opsu.edu or fax (580)349-1501.

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