by Norma Gene Young

There are at least a couple of boys in Cimarron County who know what Christmas is all about.

Jonathan Moore was visiting Sue Topper, who has a miniature donkey at the Topper ranch in the western part of the county. The donkey is a playful critter, and he spends most of his time pushing a small barrel around for his amusement.

Several years ago, when the donkey had just arrived in the community and Jonathan was much younger, he went to the Topper place to see the donkey. He looked the animal over and immediately noticed a perfect white Christian cross embedded on the animal's back. After examining it carefully he asked Sue, “Is this the donkey that Mary rode to Bethlehem?”

Sue explained that it was not the same donkey, but assured him that it was just like the one that Mary rode.

Three weeks ago four-year-old Tommy Murdock, who lives with his family across the street from me, ran to his mother and yelled “Mommy, I saw God!” She couldn't believe what he was saying, and he yelled again, “I saw God! Come here and I'll show you!

He pulled her into their living room, and pointed proudly across the street to my picture window, where I had placed silhouettes of Mary, Joseph and the Baby.

Evidently these boys (and I hope many others) have received “The Word”.


Many of you fellows have probably received some interesting electronics playthings for Christmas. You've nodoubt been messing with them for a while and can't get them to work.

Now do something brave and unheard-of: read the directions.


Happy New Year to all of you!