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Your money is worthless. Inflation has made it so. Look at the differences in what your money would buy 10 years ago, 20, 50. Get out the confederate money you have hidden it is going to be worth more than the US Dollars soon.

I used to work for 50 cents an hour. That doesn't sound like much. But what I could buy with it was a lot. Take cokes for example, it was 10 cents in a coke machine. Now it is $1.25 to buy one. The money I earned back then was worth 12.5 times what it is now so my 50 cents an hour equates to $6.25 in today's money.

Deficit spending and entitlement programs are a large part of our inflation rate. Over regulation of businesses has driven many companies out of the States where things are not so strict. China has the fastest growing economy in the world. Plentiful and cheap labor is part of their success but there are the lower taxes and fewer regulations that is the real draw.

It is time for changes in the way things are done in America. We have too many sacred cows. We can't redefine Social Security, we can't redefine welfare we need these regulations to keep the environmentalists happy and so forth down the line.

George W. Bush has a golden opportunity now. He doesn't have to worry about reelection. Congress does have to worry though so anything GWB does is going to be opposed by someone. However there is a lot he could put in the works. It is time to let him and Congress know our wants. This is supposed to be a democracy. I know a lot of us think we are not able to change things because we don't know how. The constitution of the United States of America was put together by amateurs. Amateurs built this whole country and it was built well.

I don't want to see starving children nor do I want to see retired people eating dog food and living in cold houses for lack of funds to purchase fuel. I do want to see that our money goes to those that need it, not to those that have found loopholes. Those can be plugged. Abuses can be dealt with in ways that do not take food off of tables or heat out of homes.

The major problem is that our money is worthless. That problem has many parts to it. Balance of trade, deficit spending, over regulated business and manufacturing, waste, and war all figures into the value of our money.

Iraq is turning into another Vietnam. Russia was brought down in large part by getting bogged down in Afghanistan. The cost of it broke them. They were roughly equal to the USA in military might; but they lost, packed up, and went home.

Over 50 percent of the USA now feel we have no business in Iraq. I am not sure where I stand with that issue. I deplore the financial drain that is a real burden on us. I don't want another sadist in power in Iraq. I don't want our young men and women dying over there. I don't understand it I suppose. Why are we over there. There were no weapons of mass destruction. That was the whole basis for our going there. We have not found any, lets go home and let the Iraq people find their own destiny.

Our being in Iraq angered much of the world and drove countries into the European Union. The EU wants the power that we held in world politics. We are helping them to get it.

Bring our businesses home, quit being the world's police force. I don't want to go to the isolation we had before the two world wars but who gave us the right to bully the rest of the world anyway? It is not in our constitution that we should do this. No where does it say interfere in the governing of other countries. Didn't we learn our lesson in Viet Nam?

Apparently not.


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