Cimarron County News-2004


H Traffic accident claims Borger, Texas youth

Brandon Wayne Abrahamson died on News Years Eve in a traffic accident northwest of Boise City.

H Charges against New Years' Eve driver dismissed without prejudice

A variety of charges that had been filed against Stephanie Ann Vincent, the driver in a fatal New Years Eve accident were dismissed without prejudice. Those charges or others could be leveled against Vincent at a later date.

The investigation into the incident continued.


H Boise City looks toward 8 man football in 2007; Keyes and Yarbrough will co-op in



H Cimarron County Chamber of Commerce launches County Hall of Fame

Stuart Strasner, Carl Etling are first inductees.


H Old Federal Helium Plant continues to be dismantled

Steel, Copper, brass and Stainless steel are among the items cut up for salvage at the Keyes helium plant, some four miles northeast of the city.




H Cimarron Memorial Hospital gets new board member

Linda Burns, a specialist for The Department of Human Services accepted an appointment to the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board; she was nominated by Cimarron County Commissioner Bill Percifield.


H The City of Keyes receives REAP Grant to paint their water tower


H The Boise City News receives Oklahoma Press Awards for Editorial Comments and Personal Columns

H Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board chooses new CEO

Sharon Cox, of Carbondale, Ill. sees her tenure as short; says facility needs a local to head facility.


H Cimarron County voters face sales tax vote on hospital; Xcel Energy franchise


H Iris Wilkinson and Max VanLeer crowned as memorial Nursing Home Valentine's Royalty


H Army Cavalryman with local ties wounded in Iraq

Spec. Colby Posey, of Hereford, Texas and formerly of Keyes was wounded in Iraq and evacuated to the U.S.


H Accent West magazine, published in Amarillo, will feature the Kenton Easter Passion Play in it's March issue.


H Cimarron Memorial Hospital sales tax passes 4 to 1

County voters OK Xcel Energy's franchise


H Hospital's PA moves to Texas

Jamie Bingham, Cimarron Memorial's Physician Assistant resigned from the hospital to accept a similar position in Paducah, Texas.


H County Church goers plan a pilgrimage to Guymon Theater to view Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ





H Boise City's City Council began consideration of rate hikes for services.


H Charges brought against Stephanie Vincent for new Year's accident

Stephanie Ann Vincent was charged with murder Two, transportation of an open container, and of a loaded handgun. The charges stem from a New Years traffic accident that took the life of Brandon Abrahamson, of Borger, Texas.


H Red Hat Society founded in Cimarron County


H Cimarron County West Point Grad, 1st Lt. Kimberly Hadley, finished a marathon length march in remembrance of the Bataan Death March




H Cimarron County Passion Play opens for 53rd year


H The Felt School board chooses not to renew contract of Basketball coach Andrew McClung


H Boise City School Superintendent and Librarian wife resign to become missionaries in Alaska

Mark and Jacque Gillespie resign their positions for a higher calling.


H A spring 2005 Stock Show is planned for 2005


H Cimarron County farmer Kenneth Rose is honored as a Master Agronomist, the fourth county farmer to receive the award



H A Felt School Bond issue for repairs to infrastructure fails; however, voters pass a bond for transportation

H Cimarron Memorial Hospital sees increase in it's insurance premiums


H The Boise City News celebrates it's 107th birthday

With the April 21 issue, The Boise City news began its 107th year of publication. It is the oldest continuously operating business in Cimarron County and began as the Cimarron News in Kenton.


H Soldier reared in Keyes meets Geraldo Rivera.

SSgt James Chapman, the son of John and Beverly Chapman of Keyes met the Fox correspondent in Iraq.




H Cimarron Memorial on search for new CEO

For the fifth time in just over a year the board of the Cimarron Memorial Hospital searches for a new CEO after the sudden departure of Sharon Cox when the board chose not to respond to her offer of a year's contract.


H Cimarron County Commissioners make Cimarron Memorial Hospital a trust authority

The change makes it possible for the hospital to borrow money, and even go out for revenue bonds.



H Felt school superintendent resigns

Jeff Funk, a Felt High grad resigns after several incidents that Cimarron county Sheriff David called ‘terrorism” pets were poisoned, wild rabbits were found with their throats slashed in the Funk's garage.



H Hospital board hires Rod Burrus as CEO

Burrus, reared in Dumas, Texas, comes from Friendswood near Houston, Texas.

H Wesley Sanders chosen as Parade Marshall of Santa Fe Trail Days

H Nathaniel Energy has new face

George Cretacos, Nathaniel Energy's new Chief of Operations came to Boise City asking for an extension of the contract on the old Federal Helium Plant four miles northeast of Keyes.


H The Boise City Schools hires Dan Faulkner as superintendent


H The Ft. Smith murder trial of Daniel Gonzalez is set for June 21

Gonzalez, is alleged to have murdered and robbed Shon Pilkington, 35, a 1968 graduate of Boise City High School


H Nathaniel Energy has explosion at plant near Keyes

The northeast corner of a compressor building at Nathaniel Energy's producing helium plant was damaged in a compressor explosion.

The plant is near the old Federal facility on lease to Nathaniel from the Cimarron Industrial Park Authority.


H Cimarron Memorial nurse practitioner loses license support

Lynda Bieber, who, with her husband had moved to Cimarron County to work as a nurse Practitioner lost her license support and had to leave the hospital.


H The Boise City News publishes extra to cover Cimarron Memorial Hospital issues

Due to issues arising after the paper's publication date, a decision was made to issue an extra so that the public could more quickly be informed.

A rift had formed in the board over keeping Cypress Health Systems in a consulting capacity.

New board member Dwilene Holbert had voiced her support of terminating the contract and giving new CEO Rod Burrus a year's contract.

(Burrus had asked for the Cypress termination and the resignation of Board members Richard Hitchings and John Smith as being necessary for him to remain at the hospital's helm.)

The board majority chose to continue the Cypress relationship and to table Burrus' contract.

Drs. Pam Yoga and J.L. Wheeler came down in favor of firing Cypress and keeping Burrus.

Burrus, however, left shortly after the meeting and made his way back to Friendswood and family; his job in a flux.


H Three Cimarron Memorial board members resign

In a show of unity, Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board members Richard Hitchings and John Smith, along with Board Chairman Alan Shields resigned on June 28.


H Cypress Health withdraws their contract with Cimarron Memorial Hospital


H Daniel Gonzalez trial in Ft. Smith, Ark. is reset for Oct. 18


H Good News Book Store and Flowers sells to Matt and Tammie Roberts




H Burrus hired as Cimarron Memorial CEO, contract signed with concessions


H Hospital has three new board members

Dan Gholson, of Keyes and Lois Burkhalter and Frank Lynch of Boise City are sworn in by Assoc. Dist. Judge Ron Kincannon.


H Assoc. Dist Judge Ron Kincannon upholds murder Two charge against Stephanie Vincent

H John Howard Freeman unseats Joe Bocock in County Commissioner's race

H Burrus moves forward with plans for hospital to borrow money




H Hospital borrows $300 thousand from Farmer-Stockman Bank of Clayton, N.M. to cover back wages, suppliers and taxes.


H Felt School District hires another former grad, John Montgomery as superintendent


H City Council votes to rein in dogs after citizen and police chief bitten

Boise City Police Chief Dale Harper shot and killed a dog after it had attacked both he and pedestrian Carol Jester; in reaction to the incident the Boise City council made the decision to have stricter enforcement of the city's leash laws.


H Keyes floral shop changes hands and name

Jaynette Durham purchases Balloon and Basket in Keyes and changes its name to The Wildside.




H Florida company charged with hazardous waste crimes

M.B. E. Inc. faces charges on the illegal movement and storage of paint removed from a Cimarron County bridge on Highway 385, south of Boise City


H Yarbrough and Keyes school systems begin 8-man co-op football season


H County Commission, and the Excise Board call for budget cuts; the County Fair, Extension office and Library, all lose funds



H Okie-Tex Star party returns to Kenton area; the space around Camp Billy Joe blooms with telescopes as amateur and professional astronomers look into the darkest skies in the U.S.  

H Cimarron County is host to the Northwest District Officers and Deputies  

H New Mexico authorities arrest one for murder of former Felt man

Blaine Olivias, of Clayton, N.M. was arrested and charged in the murder of John McKnight III, a former resident of Felt and a Felt High graduate. McKnight's body was found four miles south of Clayton alongside a state highway.


H The medical staff of Cimarron Memorial Hospital performed an unexpected delivery of the daughter of one of their employees. Vickie Baeza, delivered Rebekka Sarah, when it became apparent she couldn't make it to Dumas for the delivery  


H Priscilla Johnson wins County Clerk's seat, Keith Borth wins three-man race for County Sheriff


H Bill Witten, a Cimarron County pilot dies in plane crash


H Boise City Public Schools announce a bond issue for repairs and transportation


H Cimarron Memorial Hospital lands new Chief Financial officer; Paul Miller, of Minnesota by way of Illinois and Louisiana is hired to care for the hospital's finances.




H Thrift Store opens in Boise City; sponsored by Panhandle Area Sheltered Workshop


H Farmer-Stockman Bank in Clayton, N.M. is selected to keep Cimarron Memorial Hospital's Payroll Account


H The Ft. Smith, Ark. trial of Daniel Gonzalez is reset for Jan. 18


H The murder investigation into the death of John McKnight III near Clayton, N.M., stalls because of issues of alleged killer Blaine Olivas' competency


H Authorities in Lamesa, Texas try to determine the cause of death of Judd Miller, 31, a former Boise City resident.

Miller, a horse trainer, was found deceased in his corral


H Local communications carrier, Panhandle Telephone Communications buys out the local cable franchise, Cebridge Communications


H Ten Wildcat football players make All-District Tyler Baird, Chance Gore, Miguel Hernandez, Chase Loyd, Matt Daffern, Feliz Reyes, Jason Montgomery, Levi Shutte, Logan Brakhage and Josh Bass, make either the All-District team or honorable mention

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