Ice Storm Repairs Continue in Texas County ; Tri-County Electric crews work to restore power and repair system

HOOKER- Tri-County Electric Cooperative announced on Friday, Dec. 21, that it has restored power to roughly 95 percent of the accounts that were damaged as a result of Tuesday's ice Storm. As of 3:30 p.m. Thursday, approximately 400 accounts remained without power. Tri-County Electric technicians are working in conjunction with crews summoned from other cooperatives and area electricians to get power restored to all members as soon as possible.

“With the services ripped from the sides of numerous houses in our territory, it is slow going,” said Tri-County Electric CEO Jack Perkins.  “This type of damage requires us to essentially rebuild each affected member's service one-by-one. If the weather holds steady and we continue to progress at our current rate, we feel confident that we should have all members back online by sometime Saturday.”


Perkins urged residents to exercise caution when running generators, burning candles and operating space heaters.

“It is essential that members follow all safety instructions outlined in the owner's manuals for these devices,” Perkins said. “In addition, they should always remember to keep their distance from any downed electric line they might encounter…even if it appears to be safe.”