Snow + ice + trucks = $$$$$$$$

Snow and ice in New Mexico , Colorado and the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles brought traffic, especially truck traffic, to a halt on December 20 and 21.

Snow fall totals measuring in feet in and around Denver closed traffic by land and air. Added to those snowfalls were ice storms in northeastern New Mexico which also helped to close I-25. There was no way north, until late Thursday night.

Snow packed and icy, Highway 287 north was closed out of Boise City , stranding both truck and car traffic. Both of Boise City 's motels, the Townsman and Longhorn were full with stranded travelers, and an estimated 300 plus trucks called Boise City home.

The trucks were parked at the County Fairgrounds , both sides of North Cimarron Street , and the weigh station. The parking lots at Love's and Shell were full, as was the lot at the Dairy Queen, and three trucks parked on Pizza Hut's parking lot.

The lots at local restaurants also filled up, as did several side streets

A check with local businesses found that while the snow and ice was an inconvenience for truckers and travelers, it was a boone to local merchants, especially those selling fuel, food and incidentals.

It was estimated by the management teams at the Shell and Love's truck stops that their business had tripled.

Pizza Hut estimated their business had doubled over the same dates in 2005, and David Dunn, of the Lamesa restaurant estimated their sales had improved by at least $200.

“We liked those truckers,” said Sherrel and Dale Blankenbaker of Real Deals 4 You. “They came in and bought a lot of stuff. They were good for business.”