by Normas Gene Young

It's great to hear from friends and relatives near the holidays. I love the ones with letters, but even those with just signatures bring up memories of happy times with them in the past.

The weathermen say there will be decent weather over Christmas for the travelers, so that is good news, even though we need the moisture.
Boise City will be losing an efficient postmistress, Janie Hoffmann, soon, but we are lucky that Susie Tooley will be there on the job.

We will miss Janie's occasional insults, but I feel sure Susie is qualified to take over for her in that area. She told me recently that if I didn't fall down and break something occasionally I wouldn't have any life at all. (She just doesn't realize that I have quite a social life: going to the grocery store and getting my mail every day.)

So, we're going to have to put up with a lot down there at the old P.O. As usual.
But to Janie: Good luck! And to Susie: Shape up!
Merry Christmas to all who read this. I hope you get all the presents you want, are with your loved ones, and remember what Christmas is all about.