Collins' comments
by Kelly Collins

Every one seems to say the same things every Christmas. Things like "we should keep the Christmas spirit all year long." But we don't. Getting past the New Year seems to take it all out of us. As we face another year of life and the things we deal with every day. Even the most cheerful of us get ground down at times and get what I have come to call the "tired of syndrome." I'm tired of getting the kitchen cleaned up just to see it devastated in less than an hour. I'm tired of working and getting no further ahead. Oh there are many tired ofs, I'm sure you have some I haven't even thought of.

I have a suggestion for you. Do something you might even consider selfish. Take some time for yourself to do what you like to do. Think about the real reason for this season, even if the tired ofs hit you in the middle of summer. Find in yourself peace of mind and peace of spirit. It is there, remember, you have had some very peaceful moments in your life. Sit and relax and think about that peaceful time. Carry the real reason for the season in your heart all year long. Don't just say it this year, do it. It is free, it is really easy and it's good for your health.

Tongue in Cheek

It has been some time since I wrote the article about fruitcake and the appeal for other fruitcake lovers to come forward. The organization I envisioned, Fruitcake Lovers Anonymous has died for lack of your courage to join. I know you are out there hiding in the basement enjoying a slice of Fruitcake but FLA can help you over come the fear of being discovered, help you to stand up proud and say "Yes, I love fruitcake" without shame.